Women Needed in the Green Economy!

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Women in the Green Economy are vastly outnumbered by men, and it is time to bring the stories of these pioneers to the forefront of the industry. Our EcoSavvyMoms partner and contributor Joan Michelson is launching a show called Green Connections Radio which will feature prominent women in the Green Economy, along with yours truly, EcoSavvyMoms, as guest speakers on the show. Watch the 3 minute video and pass it along to other inspired women in the Green Economy. It’s time for our voices and accomplishments to be heard, and to have a forum to do that with on a national level. Joan, you are definitely one of our Eco Heroes!!



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Amy Sorter is the co-founder of EcoSavvyMoms.com. She spent 10 years in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies before deciding to dust off her Journalism degree and try to do something that makes a difference in the World. She is a mother, animal rights activist and is passionate about preserving our environment.       From an early age my mother taught me about living green. She... Read More

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