The Ultimate in Eco Savvy Shopping – A “swap” party and other shades of green tips

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As someone who loves new clothes and style, I often look at my bulging closet and declare that I have nothing to wear! However, my Eco Savvy Mom side often screams “stop before you buy” and make something old new again!! Since I feel that I can make every part of my life green, I had to take a stand on my clothing consumption and look at new ways to recycle and still look stylish.

My top tips for stylish moms:

1. Visit a consignment shop or resale store – here you can drop off your items and spend any store credit you have on new items. I always look for “upscale” in the store or ask what the store specializes in. This is particularly important for children’s clothing as well.

2. Make something old new again – have it altered! I have changed hems on everything from pants to skirts and even chopped off sleeves on shirts! Think outside the box – maybe add some lace to the hem of a skirt, or jazz up pants that might have some holes with a 70’s style patch.

3. Donate what just can’t be salvaged… enough said there!

4. If old t-shirts are falling apart, or you have old towels, rip them up and use for dusting rags and cleaning, which you can wash and reuse! This is truly a green change!

5. Host a “swap party”!! It is more fun than you can imagine, and you walk away with new swag!! Have your girlfriends over, and then tag the clothing with a value, and then let the swapping begin. This is also great for kids clothing as well. For more information on how to do a “swap party” check out

6. Don’t want to host a swapping party? check out online sites such as – which hosts swappers from around the world. This site lets you swap with other members the clothing they no longer want and is a great way to Go Green, Save Money and Look Great Doing It!

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  • DonnaPotter

    I have never bought Capri as i always cut down my jeans when they get old. Similarly i wear some old tops with stylish shrugs or jackets to give a different look.

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