The power of making one small change to save over 550,000 trees

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If everyone in America replaced just one roll of nonrecycled, or virgin toilet paper with a roll of recycled toilet paper, it would save 423,900 trees! In addition, if everyone then replaced one of their virgin Kleenex with recycled Kleenex or facial tissue, another 163,000 trees would be saved.

Let’s start a movement – just buy some recycled tissue paper or facial tissue, you can find different brands at stores like Henry’s or Jimbo’s – and be on the bandwagon to save trees, which provide our planet oxygen that we need to survive.

Becoming an EcoSavvy Mom is all about making small changes that we can incorporate into our daily lives…. how hard is replacing a roll of TP or Facial Tissue! Or remembering to recycle glass, plastic and tin foil items? How about bringing a recycle bag to the market?  While these are small changes, I guarantee at the end of the day you will feel great about your decision, and your children will learn a valuable lesson on how to be green and preserve our precious resources.

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Amy Sorter is the co-founder of She spent 10 years in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies before deciding to dust off her Journalism degree and try to do something that makes a difference in the World. She is a mother, animal rights activist and is passionate about preserving our environment.       From an early age my mother taught me about living green. She... Read More

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