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Finally!! As an Eco Savvy Mom I am so excited about this new proposed legislation in California. Such a great step in the right direction for our environment. As I couldn’t say it any better myself, I copied this article from Healthy Bitch:
The Plastic Bag [Sigh]. A creature we’d rather see on the endangered species list than living out a long, unadulterated life amidst the open seas. Yet somehow it does. Actually, somehow 19 million of the plastic bandits live the American dream – enough to make it to the moon 15 times. Only because we let them …

But California is finally saying, “Stop, in the name of the landfill.” For what is considered the most sweeping legislation in American history to curb the environmental plague, the Assembly has passed a bill that will ban plastic bags in grocery and convenience stores statewide, and put a five-cent fee on paper bags. Hallelujah.

In an effort to rid Southern California of its nasty habit – plastic bags often end up in the ocean or rivers threatening our marine life and ecosystem – the bill, The Single-Use Bag Reduction Act (AB 1998), still needs Senate approval. However, the Terminator (AKA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) has stated that he would sign the bill if it made it past the Senate.  The big day? The Senate is expected to vote on AB 1998 by August 31, 2010.

If the plastic bag ban wins out, the bill will require stores to sell reusable bags beginning January 1, 2012. Stores can charge no less than five cents for recycled paper bagsif shoppers don’t bring their own bags.  The triumph would particularly be good news for the endangered Pacific Leatherback Turtle, who commonly mistakes floating plastic bags for his favorite food: the jellyfish. The turtle’s population has declined 95-percent in the past two decades as plastic pollution has skyrocketed. 

“Previous attempts to solve the problem, such through recycling, have proven to be unsuccessful, so a statewide ban is the only solution and is preferable to the hundreds of local bans,” said Gina Goodhill of Environmental California.

Check out Heal the Bay’s little spoof on the journey of the plastic bag, courtesy of our friends at ESTV.

May its journey end here.

CLICK HERE to send a letter or call your senator today to ensure Bill AB 1998 passes.

- Carly

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