Quick and Easy Vegan Broccoli Soup

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We love eating healthy at EcoSavvyMoms, and our Brocolli Soup is time tested to be speedy and delicious!

Our Very Simple Broccoli Soup from the Kitchen of Eco Savvy Moms

 In a large pot combine:
 2 large bushels of Broccoli(cut up with the stems)
 1 leek (cleaned and cut up)
 3 stalks of celery (cut up/optional)
 3 carrots(cut up/optional)
2-3 cups of  vegetable broth or faux chicken stock (we use a faux chicken vegetarian broth and add water).
 Cover and let steam for 10-15 minutes until tender. Put into Blender and mix to the consistency you prefer(Chunky or more soupy)  Salt and pepper to taste and then eat……YUMMY!
Quick, easy and healthy, and of course the best part.. on the table in no time flat!!

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  • Radhika Sarohia

    Looks good, gonna make this today. 

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