Pillow Talk.. Healthy Options for Natural-Fill Pillows

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I love my sleep! Who doesn’t? And with busy lives and children to get in the way of this precious sleep, I like to make every moment count when my head hits the pillow. So when I recently went on the hunt for a new Eco-friendly pillow, I realized that we have come a long way. There were so many new kinds of non-toxic pillows on the market. A majority of pillows are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, which give off gasses, otherwise known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Given that I didn’t want to spend 8 hours inhaling gasses emitting from my pillow, I decided to look into some new options.

Here is what I found:

  • Kapok Pillows – they are a natural fiber made from the flowers seeds of a tall fain-forrest fruit tree.. it felt like silk! It is very cushy, and grows wild in the rain forest. The seeds are renewable and harvested by local indigenous people which helps them have some revenue to help maintain their Eco-system.
  • Natural Latex Foam and Shredded Natural Latex – They are soft and stay very cool, and incredibly supportive, which is helpful if you have spinal or alignment issues.
  • Buckwheat Hull – These are very firm, and are filled with hulls of buckwheat! Who knew? Very hypoallergenic, but do feel like you are sleeping on a bean bag.. if you like that feeling, go for it!!

Once I did my research, I found that I loved the Kapok Pillows, which can be found easily online – I actually ordered mine from Amazon! There are many other sources out there, but best to look into these other options to see what is best for you and your family before buying toxic gas emitting pillows.  Once I researched my options, I knew I had found a winner for my household. I now peacefully knowing that I am sleeping on a non-toxic natural fill pillow at night.

What are you sleeping on at night?

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