Making the World a little Greener – a few small suggestions that can make a big difference

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Here is a great list of things you can do to make your life a little greener. While all of these recommedations aren’t always feasible – such as hanging laundry outside to dry (I know how cold it is back East right now!), there are still a few things from this list that might help you make small changes in your every day life. Keep it simple, and do the best you can!

  • Change to Fluorescent Bulbs – If every house in the United States changed all of the light bulbs in their house, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the streets.
  • Hang Outside to Dry – Get a cloths line or rack to dry your cloths. Your cloths will last longer and you will save money
  • Use Both Sides of Paper – if you have a printer with a double sided print option use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used.
  • Get rid of baths – Do not take baths, take showers. You will in average save about half the amount of water that you would if you were taking a bath.
  • Do not get bottled water – Instead of bottled water get a reusable container to carry water. Also you can get a filter to make your home tap taste more like bottled water. It is definitely more cost efficient.
  • Shorten your shower – Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.
  • Recycle Glass – If you do not recycle this, it will take a million years to decompose.
  • Turn Down your Thermostat – Every degree lower in the winter or higher in the summer you put it is a 10 percent decrease on your energy bill.
  • Turn off your lights – An easy one. Turn off your lights when you are not using them. The benefits are obvious.
  • Do not get a paper phone book – Instead of getting a paper phone book. Use a online directory instead.
  • Give things away – Take things that you are not going to wear or use and give it to a charity or someone who will use it.
  • Go to a car wash – Going to a car wash is a lot more water efficient then washing your car at home.
  • Buy Rechargeable Batteries – Even though it will take a good investment to buy these you will find yourself gaining it back in no time.
  • Pay your Bills Online – If every house in the US did this then we would save 18 million trees every year.
  • Get a reusable bag – You can not recycle plastic bags, instead get yourself a reusable bag so that you will not have to worry about carrying your necessities.
  • Inflate your Tires – If your tires are inflated at all times your car will run more miles on less gas.
  • Plant a Tree – It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.
  • Walk or Ride Your Bike When you can – If you have to go somewhere close consider riding your bike or walking there instead of your car. It is better on the environment and healthier.

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    Most of the things we throw in the bin can be recycled and used papers can still serve other purposes once they are shredded. We need to be presented with different kinds of options, in this way we can integrate a method that is most appropriate to our lifestyles and start living ‘greener’ lives.
    Another interesting piece that I have recently read was about storage solutions so that our living spaces will be maximized and we can live without clutter at:
    Buying brand new items all the time is wasteful and we already have problems on waste accumulation in land fills. What we need are practical solutions on how we can take part in the conservation of our natural resources.

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