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Sometimes I need to remind myself that making just the smallest changes and doing it consistently will help reduce my carbon footprint.

For example, in the last year I have really tried to pay attention to what I buy when I go to the grocery store. As I do more research about and post more information, there are a few general rules that I always follow about personal hygene products, food and household cleansers:

  1. Less is more! The fewer ingredients there are in something you buy, the less chance there is that you will ingest harmful chemicals. Have you ever looked at a label on your face wash, your dish detergent, or that package of food?? If you can’t pronounce it, chances are it isn’t good for you or your family.
  2. Choose bulk or concentrated options over “individual packaging” ….
  3. Choose products that come in reusable or recyclable containers, not “throwaways”
  4. Buy whole fruits and vegetables that are organic or even better local! I know for some of us this can be difficult, but I always stay away from fruits and vegetables that are individually wrapped or packaged on polystyrene ( styrofoam ) or plastic trays.. it may look pretty at your local grocer, but it doesn’t look so pretty in that landfill.
  5. Always bring your own shopping bags… EVERYWHERE!! Why only bring a recycle bag to the grocery store – what about the other shopping you do?? I guarantee after a month this will become a great habbit that your family will pick up on as well!

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