How long does it take a person to produce 4.6 pounds of garbage??

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A few days, a week, a month?? No, Every Day!!!

Did you know that each human produces, on the average 4.6 pounds of garbage per day!! No, not per week, per day!! That is almost 150 pounds of garbage a month, per person.

As a curious person, I wanted to know where all of it is going, and what happens to it. I also wanted to know about recycled and recovered goods, and this is what I found: About 1/3 of garbage is recycled, but if you are like me and my household, we recycled closer to half. A small percentage is composted (if you do this, give yourself extra stars!!) and about 2 to 2.5 pounds per day ends up in a landfill and about .6 pounds is incinerated.

Mind boggling!! When I did the research on this, it really made me think about recycling, and how much further I can take my recycling, as well as my consumerism. Do I really need to buy so many items for my house, and what can I do without, and what can reuse, reduce and recycle??

I am now looking in to what is in our landfills, and report back on this next, along with some more recycling and reduction tips!

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