Getting the Down and Dirty Clean! Laundry tips to reduce your carbon footprint

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Does the laundry ever end? I can rarely see the floor in my laundry room, but when I do I feel a sense of accomplishment.. until the next day when there is another pile just waiting for me. Laundry seems to be such an inherently wasteful process, and a place I know we can all make improvements on, all the while maintaining our whitest whites and our colorful brights!

These tips below will save time, energy and money:

  • ALWAYS wash a full load.. if it must be done in a soccer mom emergency, set your washer setting to small or medium load..
  • Look for detergent that is made for cold water washes and is phosphate free. Most washes can be done on the cold wash, and warm or hot water should only be used on heavily soiled items. Making this switch will save you energy and money!
  • Set up a drying rack next to the dryer and hang socks, undies and the like. The less you put in the dryer the faster it will finish..
  • Stop using Chlorine Bleach!! It is toxic to the environment and dangerous for children and adults alike. Choose an Eco-Friendly whitener non-Chlorine Bleach. There are many out there that use the power of oxygen or other natural ingredients and do a fantastic job.
  • Consider line drying when the weather is nice.. another bonus.. the suns UV rays work as a natural antibacterial agent as UV rays kill bacteria.. how’s that for the harnessing the power of the sun!


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