Fix those leaky faucets and toilets!!

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I just came across the most fascinating statistic when doing research to save water: A leaky faucet or shower that looses water at the rate of one drip per second can waste 3,000 gallons of water a year, and a leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day!! (According to the EPA in an article entitled “Use your water sense”)

Seriously!! I couldn’t believe it myself, and thought that this would be something everyone might want to check into, especially a leaky toilet. This is how I checked mine:

I added grape juice to the tank (most recommendations say add food coloring, but why would I put those chemicals in my water when a natural sugar-free juice would do), and waited to see if it would end up in the bowl. If color appears in the bowl within 15 minutes you have a leaky bowl that needs fixing. Parts are relatively inexpensive for toilets, and I guarantee cheaper than your water bill will be if it is not fixed. A great way to go green and save money!

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  • Kyle

    Wow, that’s great advice. I have a leaky shower that drips all day long. We haven’t done anything to fix it since we’re planning to remodel our bathroom this summer. Having read this article, I think I’ll call the plumber and have them do a “bandaid fix” since my wife and I are always trying to find ways to stay “green”.

    thanks for the tips!

  • Amy

    Kyle, that is great! Since the summer is so far away you will be saving thousands of gallons of water over the next few months… and your water bill should go down!

  • plumbing

    Wonderful blog. Thanks for the adviced. It gives us more information about faucets leak. Great job !

  • party bags

    Faucet leak is one of our problem in our home. Thank you for the tips you suggested. Keep on posting.

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    Insert the rubber gasket in between the base plate in the kitchen area faucet plus the sink best to make a watertight seal. If no gasket is supplied, pack the cavity with the faucet with plumber’s putty, then inserts the faucet physique via the holes inside the sink leading.

  • plumbing pipe

    Faucets can come in a variety of finishes, including chrome, brass, copper, pewter, nickel, and satin. Chrome, brass, and copper finishes require frequent cleaning and polishing to maintain their shine.

  • plumbing

    A simple bathroom faucet repair can save you money and benefit the environment as well. Since a leaking faucet wastes more water than you realize, a quick repair is important.

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    The color you choose will depend on the look you’re going for. For example, black and bronze faucets would look best in a country kitchen.

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    Plumbing problems are not that easy to resolve especially when you have no experience in plumbing. Though it is very important that every home owner have a little background about plumbing. 

  • Curtis

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    Leaky faucets and toilet are really irritating. Aside from this it can increase our monthly bill because of the water that loses. That’s why we need to fix it as soon as possible with the  help of the professionals.

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  • Teena @ Hand Painted Kitchens

    You have incredible ideas, if I follow those methods I am sure I can save lots of money and energy as well.

  • Henry Morgan

    A couple of weeks ago I started having plumbing issues. Ever so often, my toilet would overflow, it was so disgusting. I called a few persons, they tried rectifying the problem but four days after it was the same again. A friend suggested I try United Plumbing Solutions. They resolved the problem in one visit. You should check them out at  or call 772-905-4442.

  • SmurphLin

    This is some great stuff. I love that you used grape juice instead of chemical coloring! I’ve been looking into getting some drain repair in Toronto because my toilet is doing the same thing. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

  • Cynthia Rose

    My toilet leaks all day long. It makes the sound of flushing even though it isn’t. I wonder how much water I waste each day?

    Cynthia |

  • Grimm Hold

    No need to buy expensive chemical. Great, cost-saving tips!—Sinks Water Heaters California

  • Kyle McDonald

    I have a leaky sink in my bathroom. I tried to fix it by myself, but I ended up making it worse. I will have to hire a plumber to fix it for me. I’m sure that I can have the sink fixed for a good price.

  • Paul Avelluto

    Great advice! I deal with a lot of new home owners in my industry facing many problems that could be prevented with the solutions mentioned in this post.

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