Green Weddings and some Eco Friendly Ideas for the Big Day!

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Green weddings are becoming more popular with many brides, and there are many ideas you can incorporate into your special day. If you are interested in being more earth friendly, your entire ceremony and reception can be eco-friendly. Many brides on a tight budget may not be able to afford a hybrid car for their use after the ceremony or completely organic food. However, there are steps a bride on any budget can take to have a greener wedding.
Using Antiques or Vintage Items
Antique or vintage items can make your wedding more earth friendly. You will be recycling older items and giving them a new life. You may want to consider using a vintage wedding dress. Borrowing a dress from a family member is a wonderful option but may not be possible in every circumstance. Instead, search boutiques and antique shops for vintage wedding gowns, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you can save. Using antique or vintage wedding rings is another way to make your wedding green.
Local and Organic Items
Many brides are choosing local and organic items for their green weddings. Although these items are often more expensive, they are more eco-friendly. You may want to select a caterer and bakery that use organic ingredients for your wedding feast. In addition, you should try to make as many food choices as possible reflect local ingredients. Some brides are able to contact local florists and have all of their floral arrangements come from local areas. You can also ask about the use of pesticides and avoid purchasing from flower shops that allow them.
Registry and Gifts
Some brides are choosing to offer guests the option of sending a donation to an earth friendly charity instead of receiving gifts. You can provide your guests a list of possible charities and allow them to choose the ones they want to support. On the other hand, other brides are simply selecting eco-friendly items for their gift registries. You can find many stores that offer organic products. By choosing bamboo, natural or reusable items for your registry, guests will be giving you green items that you can use for years.
Reducing Emissions
If you are interested in reducing emissions at your wedding, there are several options. First, you can avoid all cars by having everyone use a horse and carriage to arrive at the ceremony and reception. If this option is not feasible, you can arrange carpools for all of your guests and reduce the carbon footprint. You can also try to rent hybrid cars for your guests and for your final goodbye at the wedding.
Other Green Ideas
There are many small ways to make your wedding green. Brides can use recycled paper for all of the wedding invitations and correspondence. You can use recycled containers for the wedding favors. In addition, brides can avoid using any artificial lights and only use soy candles for the entire wedding. Brides have many options to create eco-friendly environments at their weddings.

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