Connecting to Your Holiday Values

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What do you really want for Christmas?

For most of us, our dreams center around family, faith and friends: a celebration of our deepest joys. Yet too often, those dreams go by the wayside as the holidays take on a life of their own. What can cause this distortion of what we truly want? The season brings many distractions from what the holiday is really all about. Lavish television programs showcase food and décor standards that we will never be able to live up to.. unless we are Martha Stewart.  A trip to the mall can bring a quick end to a wish for a homemade holiday; all that glitz can be seductive! Even our families can be parties to holiday distortion. Spouses may bring different expectations and family traditions to the same holiday. Children may clamor for a Christmas measured by a classmate’s yardstick. Family traditions can live on well beyond their time, no longer enjoyed but not yet willing to leave.

Solution? Connect with your holiday values before you plan for the holiday season. Put your most cherished wishes at the center of your celebration. What is most important to you? What new traditions can you make as a family, that don’t involve lavish gift giving or over the top decorating? Once you can connect with what is important to you, and have your family agree on these values, the less stressful “the most wonderful time of the year” will be for all.

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