Can you go one day without consuming?

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Farmers Market VegetablesAs we all know, consuming is a part of our everyday lives. We need to get the kids school supplies, put gas in the car, get groceries, check online for sales or some other item we need around the home. But if we stopped to think about this, is it really necessary to get our latte everyday, or run to the grocery store for one or two items? Did we really need that cute dress that was on sale or that new decorative item for the house?  I’ve tried to challenge myself to start with one day a week of not consuming and add as many days a week as I can.


I’ve even challenged myself with “no-shopping” weeks. It was much more difficult than I thought, but with a little planning it was easy to do. I made sure I had my list of what I would need in groceries and items for the week ahead and then made sure to have everything I would need for the week on hand so I didn’t need to make an “emergency” run.  This even includes gas and other necessary items, so I made sure to fuel up the day before my week started. The hardest part was resisting that impulse purchase online or needing a particular food item I had forgotten.

If you are having issues with consuming, or trying to identify if you need to make a change, there are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Have I considered what the grave site of my purchases will look like? Remember, just because the garbage man comes and hauls it away  doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.
  • Have I considered where my clothes come from and how were they made?
  • Have I thought about who made the items I was buying, and if they follow sustainable practices to produce their goods?
  • Do I ever buy something that I never wear/eat/utilize and then toss it a couple of months later? This is something to consider for every item that is brought in the house, and especially difficult to control with little ones and the “dollar” isles that are now popular at stores.

I sometimes have to ask myself these questions to remind myself if I really need that item. It is obvious we need household items and food, but did we really need that item on sale at the store that is “hot”  at the moment, only to be discarded the next season? The best thing I have done for myself is take a moment to think before purchasing and consume quality items that I know will get lots of use and still be in my home or closet for years. How can you make a change next time you are out? It may be time to give it some thought…

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  • Nine Naturals Mom

    When you have kids, sometimes you don’t notice it, but you’re cluttering your house with all those toys and clothes that they will outgrow in a few years time. Is it okay to also consider these kids stuff as something they can use for a longer time, before purchasing them? Especially with toys and other activities that keep the kids busy.

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