Can we save the planet one Napkin at a time?

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I recently came across some amazing figures compiled by the Seventh Generation Company that I thought I would pass along to our EcoSavvyMoms!

The research showed that if every household in America replaced one, just ONE!! package of virgin fiber napkins with 100 percent recycled ones, we would save:

  •  2.4 million trees
  • 6.3 million cubic feet of landfill space – this is the equivalent of more than 9,400 full gargbage trucks’ worth
  • 887 million gallons of water – which is equivalent to a years’ supply for 27,600 people

Once I read this data, it really made me think about the consumption of napkins I see people using or discarding at restaurants, around our homes or from fast food drive-thrus. If people were more conscientious of their use of these items, or simply made a decision to buy 100 percent recycled ones, just think how many more resources we would preserve.

Sometimes I find it’s the little changes I’ve made in my daily living that has had the biggest impact on my carbon footprint. Just something to think about next time you are at the grocery store, with your recycled bags of course!


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