Can we save the planet one garbage bag at a time?

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There are certainly some household items that we just can’t live without. Garbage bags would be high on that list as we can’t seem to stop producing garbage as a society at an alarming rate. According to the Seventh Generation company, if every household in America replaced just 20 tall kitchen drawstring bags made with virgin plastic with 20 bags made with 65% of recycled bags (like the company’s tall kitchen bags), we would:

  • Save 39,000 barrels of oil, which is enough to heat and cool 2,200 US homes for a year
  • Save 720,000 cubic feet of landfill space, which is 1,100 full garbage trucks’ worth
  • Save 30 million pounds of air pollution

Now, an even more exciting fact is what we could save if every American household replaced a 20 count package of trash bags made from virgin plastic with those made from 80% recycled ones available from Seventh Generation, we would save:

  • 81,000 barrels of oil, which is enough to heat 4,700 homes for a year
  • 1.48 cubic feet of landfill space, which is 2,200 garbage trucks’ worth
  • 60 million fewer pounds of air pollution

When you take a moment to think about your next purchase, wouldn’t it be great to rethink your purchasing dollars and look for recycled and biodegradable bags?  Degradable bags reduce waste as they typically break down within 12-24 months.

Just think… you could start your own garbage bag revolution, and do your part to help reduce your  families carbon footprint.

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