Being Green isn’t about becoming a Vegan or wearing Hemp….

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Committing to being Green isn’t an “all or nothing” decision, it’s about making small changes in your daily life that help the planet and your health. Trust me, Michele and I love looking great, shopping, cooking, working out, having fun, you name it! We are just two Moms trying to live an Eco conscious lifestyle and enjoy the process while doing it.

Every day and every week we make a commitment to educate ourselves about green cleaning products, paraben free cosmetics, and the truth about organically labeled products. Our lives are extremely busy, but we remain passionate about making these changes, and bringing our experience to other moms. We love hearing from our community of Moms about their experiences are and where it brings them. I can say from personal experience that I love learning and enriching my life, and as I make Eco Savvy choices I feel better on the inside. I know that I am making choices that my daughter can learn from and incorporate into her own life as she grows.

I look forward to sharing my passion with other Moms, and helping everyday become greener in your life as I am in mine!


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