5 Eco-Friendly Tips as we “Fall” into the colder months…

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    With September 22 marking the “FIRST DAY OF FALL”, EcoSavvyMoms wanted to remind you of a few simple changes to keep in mind as you prepare your home for the Fall weather.
Here’s 5 of our ESM recommendations:
  •  In winter months change your…

-furnace air filter once a month to get optimum efficiency.

-Insulate electric hot water heater and pipes. (NOT GAS heaters).

-Use an electric kettle to boil water.  The stove uses twice as much energy. (I’m thinking about hot cocoa at night)

-Caulk and/or weatherstrip around exterior doors and windows to prevent heat loss during cooler months.

-Turn heat down at night and when you are away from home.

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  • http://www.ninenaturals.com/ Nine Naturals Mom

    Thanks for these tips! I can’t wait for fall, it’s my favorite season, that’s besides from getting the seasonal goods from bakeries and cafes! I didn’t know that stove uses more energy than an electric kettle, I would have thought it was the other way around. Is it in terms of gas usage or something else?

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