Being Green

Being “Green” isn’t a label or a certification; it’s a state of mind that means a product is created through environmentally and socially conscious and sustainable means.

There is no single way to define  “being green”, nor is there a limit to the number of efforts that can be made to go green.

At EcoSavyMoms we believe that everyone can make a conscious decision to be a shade of green everyday.

Some “Green Terms” you may not know:


Organic  is all about the labeling as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – in 2000, the USDA came out with its rules for the use of the word “organic” on foods, in which independent certifiers then check the claims of producers before they can label anything “organic”. There are three levels:

  • “100% Organic”: Can only contain organic ingredients, meaning no antibiotics, hormones, genetic engineering, radiation or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers can be used. Can display the USDA organic logo and/or the specific certifying agent’s logo.
  • “Organic”: Contains 95% organic ingredients, with the balance coming from ingredients on the approved National List. These products can also display the USDA organic logo and/or the certifiers logo.
  • “Made with Organic Ingredients”: Must be made with at least 70% organic ingredients, three of which must be listed on the package, and the balance must be on the National List. These products may display the certifiers logo but not the USDA organic logo.


Eco Cert also contain at least 95 percent, as certified by an independent European agency, not the USDA.


Cruelty free means the product was made without animal testing.


Vegan products are not animal tested and contain no animal ingredients such as honey or milk, but they aren’t organic unless they say so.


Natural is completely unregulated, so buyer beware! It can mean that a product contains plant-derived ingredients and is cruelty- and preservative-free, but because natural is simply a descriptive, it could also mean the manufacturer just threw it on the label to make a sale.

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