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About EcoSavvyMoms

Amy & Michele

We are two Moms that juggle many things everyday and probably like you, we wear many hats.

We are mothers, wives, educators, green entrepreneurs, animal lovers, humanitarians and enthusiastic self starters. We are, however, not doctors, lawyers or environmental scientists.

We are here to tell you…we are probably a lot like you!

We are moms who are trying our very best to be some shade of green every single day (there are over 33 shades).

We wanted a way to reach out to other moms like ourselves. We are eager to learn about ways to become more Eco-savvy and as we research and find products we love, we want to share them with you. We believe that anyone can Go Green, Save Money and Look Great doing it.

It is our hope we can inspire you to try a little harder, be a catalyst for change and to offer you some new tips, tricks and products on how to be the green, savvy mom…we know you are!

Amy’s Eco Story

From an early age my mother taught me about living green. She was born in the Mid-West on a Dairy Farm, which taught her how to make the most of what you have, be kind to animals, conserve energy and tread lightly on this earth. Nothing was wasted, and most of the food she ate was produced on the land she grew up on. My Grandmother always found a way to refashion and reuse just about anything from furniture to clothing, and was always making new out of the old. As my mother moved on to city life in the Boston area as a young mother, she never left her Farm roots far behind and passed them along to me. We grew up reusing and recycling just about everything in our household, from clothing to blankets to water containers. We hung our laundry out back to dry and raised our own chickens and enjoyed their fresh eggs. Everything that could be used again was put back in rotation, nothing was ever wasted.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in the mid-90’s I moved out on my own. Times had changed and everything was about convenience and efficiency. On the fast track in my professional life of sales & marketing in my twenties and early thirties, I was consumed with consumerism. I stopped thinking about how my actions affected the planet and did not think twice about taking long showers, buying water bottles or just using the plastic bags that the grocery stores provided. Yes, I still put my recycling outside by curb every week, however, I didn’t think about the small things that could really make long term changes to our planet, or the fact that the carbon footprint I was leaving behind was causing glaciers and ice caps to melt at staggering rates.

In 2007 I had my daughter, Molly. Becoming a parent completely changed the way I looked at the Earth, and what my legacy would leave behind. It made me realize that I not only had to set a good example for my daughter but I also needed to be aware of the ways that I could incorporate a greener lifestyle into my household. So I researched little things I could do that would have a major impact and maybe even save me money! I changed all of the light bulbs in my house to energy efficient light bulbs, and was shocked to find that my energy bills went down.
I switched out all of my toxic, chemical laden cleaning supplies for non-toxic earth friendly products. I couldn’t have my precious daughter take her first steps on toxic chemicals! The more I learned about ways to be greener and healthier for my daughter, the more I wanted to continue to explore. Thus, the idea of a community where Moms could go to discus these topics and learn from each other became a mission I had to pursue along with my Eco Soul Sister, Michele.

Each move toward a greener lifestyle made my home healthier and happier. I love being Eco Savvy, but know that I have so much further to go to be the Eco-Hero that I want to be. I am excited to support the green economy and be my own agent of change, and hope to leave a legacy that my daughter can be proud of when she grows into adulthood.

Michele’s Eco Story

As a former Sales Executive (giving my pumps to Goodwill), turned Mom, turned Eco-preneur, I cherish my childhood growing up in Colorado and the valuable lessons my Mother and Grandparents taught me about living a green life. I use to be embarrased when my mom would wash out the plastic sandwich bags and make me reuse it the next day. “What was she thinking, are we that poor?”…I often thought! Ironically, I now do this today. I recall showers were limited to 5 minutes, door and windows had to be closed in the winter, and my favorite; you could only use 3 squares of toilet paper. I realized much of my childhood was about reduce, recycle and reuse. So what happened to all that?…………Life just becomes busy and I lost my awareness!

Becoming a Mom at the age of 40, is clearly my crowning achievement and the best “career decision” I’ve ever made. After giving birth to my son, Teagan, in 2006 I noticed my vocabulary started to change. For the first time I was not inclined to talk about my past Sales Career and all the cool, sexy stuff I’ve done. I started using words such as organic, natural, green, nontoxic, sustainable, recycle, eco friendly; keeping my family’s health and the health of our planet in mind. I found myself attempting to eat/buy local and organic and be more mindful of my consumerism.

I talk wildly with my hands and “Love to Shop”. As a self confessed shopaholic in my past, I find it a win-win. I’ve put that chapter behind me and now use my talents to always be on the lookout for the latest and greatest Eco finds. While researching the dangers of common household chemicals and safe alternatives, I quickly realized how much information was out there and how does one decide what products are reliable vs. toxic. While my passion is building relationships (I come from a very big Italian Family), it is also to do right by our children and hope that the footprint we leave behind for future generations will be smaller………And having a best friend with similar values and goals for the future led us to create EcoSavvyMoms.

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